Report of Temporary Rules Committee





May 13th, 2017





The Fifth District Convention will meet at the Holiday Inn Charlottesville — University Area 1901 Emmet Street (Business 29) – Charlottesville – VA 22901 and beginning at 12:00 noon on May 13th 2017.  The Convention shall consist of delegates selected from the Fifth Congressional District; its purpose shall be to nominate members of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Central Committee from the Fifth Congressional


The Convention will be called to order by the Chair of the Fifth Congressional District Democratic Committee (“District Committee”) who shall serve as temporary Convention Chair.





  1. Call to order
  2. Introduction of Temporary Chair and Secretary
  3. Election of Permanent Rules and Credentials Committees, which will meet immediately following their election
  4. Welcoming address, pledge of allegiance, introductions and announcements
  5. Report of the Permanent Credentials Committee, certifying delegates and alternates to the Convention
  6. Election of Permanent Chair and Permanent Secretary
  7. Report of the Permanent Rules Committee and adoption of the rules
  8. Appointment by Permanent Chair of Head Teller and Assistant Tellers, Parliamentarian, and Sergeant-at-Arms.
  9. Voting for Members of the Central Committee.
  10. During vote counting, the Chair may conduct other business as may seem appropriate.
  11. Report of the Head Teller with Results of Voting.
  12. Adjournment





There shall be two permanent committees of the Convention:  Rules and Credentials.  Each permanent committee of this Convention shall consist of at least 5 members.  In the event of a credentials contest, the Temporary Secretary shall include on the temporary roll the names of the credentials contestants recommended by the Temporary Credentials Committee in its report to the Permanent Credentials Committee.





If there is a vacancy in any delegation that has not been filled before the day of the convention, according to the procedures of Party Plan Paragraph 15.8, the delegation from the locality shall fill that vacancy from the alternate or alternates from that locality.  If there are not enough alternates from the locality present to fill out the delegation, the delegation shall fill out their delegation from qualified voters from the same locality.  No person who is not a voter in the same locality as the delegation shall be allowed to be a member of that delegation.


No alternates may be selected once the convention begins.  The chair of the delegation must file a form provided by the credentials committee for each replacement delegate to the chair of the credentials committee.





Only duly elected delegates, convention officers, and members of the executive committee shall be eligible to make or second motions. Only duly certi­fied delegates shall be eligible to speak to a motion or vote. A person shall be eligible to speak only once to a particular motion and the time shall not exceed two (2) minutes in making, seconding, or speaking to a motion. The timekeeper will ask speakers exceeding the allotted time to relinquish the floor.





The Delegates for each locality will be seated together in a designated location.  This is to facilitate the distribution and collection of the ballots. Only Credentialed Delegates wearing their badges will be allowed in the area reserved for them.  Alternates and all other must remain in the area reserved for them.  Any non-delegate found in the area reserved for delegates will be asked to leave.





All printed material must be approved for distribution by the Convention Chair prior to the May 12th, 2017 at 5:00 P.M.





Only candidates who have properly filed for office as required by the 5th Congressional District call shall be considered by the Convention.





Voting procedures shall be as follows:


Voting shall be by secret ballot. Candidates will appear on the ballot in alphabetic order with any prefiled slates listed first.


Only duly elected, authorized, and certified delegates shall be eligible to vote. The vote of a non-attending delegate is forfeited and cannot be cast by an alternate.  No Proxy voting will be permitted.


Once voting begins, no delegate who is not present with his delegation will be allowed to cast a vote unless that delegate is performing official convention business.


Ballots shall be distributed to the chair of each locality’s delegation based on the number of credentialed delegates in attendance for that delegation.  After casting their vote, each delegate shall pass their ballot to the chair of their delegation.  They will then be collected and given to the tellers.


The ballots will be counted in a public place, and the process may be viewed by any interested person.  When the ballots have been counted, the results will be announced to the Convention.  After the votes have been counted, the ballots shall be given to the Chair, who shall retain them for 30 days.


The winners will be decided by a plurality of the vote. The top 10 men and-, top 10 women who receive the most votes from 20 different jurisdictions will be elected to the Central Committee.


In the event that more than one person is running for election from any given locality, only the person who receives the most votes will be elected.  Any other candidate from that locality will be ineligible for election.  If in any contested locality where there is a both a man and a woman running, it may be possible that, in order to maintain an equal number of men and woman as required by the Democratic National Committee and the State Party Plan, one or more candidates may be disqualified and a person my be elected who receives fewer votes but that person is of a gender that is otherwise under represented on the committee.


Delegates who vote for a slate, shall not also vote for any individual candidates.


Delegates shall not vote for more than one person from any one jurisdiction.


Delegates shall not vote for more than 10 men  or for more than 10 women.


Delegates shall not vote for ineligible candidates.


Any ballots not properly cast shall invalidate that ballot and it shall not be counted.





The Permanent Chair shall appoint a Parliamentarian, a Sergeant-at-Arms, a Head Teller, Assistant Tellers and fill any other positions deemed necessary.    It shall be the responsibility of the Chair to conduct and expedite the business of the Convention, and to preserve order and decorum.


Any person, who in the opinion of the chair is being disruptive, may be ejected from the convention after having received a prior warning by the chair.


Each delegate is called upon and directed to assist in completing the business of the convention in an orderly and timely manner.  The Chair may recognize special guests at appropriate times.


The Convention shall be conducted in accordance with the Virginia Democratic Party Plan (“State Party Plan”) as amended through December 5th, 2015 and Roberts’ Rules of Order.


Respectfully submitted,




Bob Zwick

Temporary Rules Committee Chair

May 8th, 2017