Election of Delegates and Alternates to the Democratic National Convention

The DPVA has allocated national delegate positions to be elected at District conventions, with a total of 62 delegates and six alternates to be elected by the 11 Districts. Of this total, the Fifth District has received five delegates and one alternate, who we will be electing at our Convention on May 7. In addition, the State Democratic Convention in June will be electing 21 At Large delegates and two alternates to the National Convention, and qualified candidates from throughout the state may be candidates for these positions.

To be a candidate for National delegate or alternate elected at either the District or State Conventions, candidates must complete a “Pre-Filing Form”.  The form can be obtained from the DPVA website at http://vademocrats.org/state-convention-resources/.

Those who wish to be a candidate at the Fifth District Convention must submit the completed form to me by 5:00 pm on April 22, 2016.  Those who wish to be a candidate at the State Convention must submit the completed form to the DPVA by 5:00 pm on May 25, 2016.

Note that the District and State delegate and alternate positions are allocated to either Clinton or Sanders supporters, and are divided between males and females. These numbers are as follows:

Fifth District Convention:

– Pledged to Clinton: 3 delegates (2 female and 1 male), and 1 alternate (male)
– Pledged to Sanders: 2 delegates (1 female and 1 male), and no alternates

State Convention, At Large:

– Pledged to Clinton: 14 delegates (8 female and 6 male), and 1 alternate (female)
– Pledged to Sanders:  7 delegates (4 female and 3 male), and 1 alternate (male)

Presidential Elector:

At the District Convention we also will be electing one Presidential Elector from the District.  The website listed above includes the form required to compete for this position.