Congratulations and Thank you!

Published on Author VA5

On behalf of the 5th Congressional District Democratic Committee, I want to congratulate Dr. Cameron Webb, the winner of today’s Democratic primary for Virginia Congressional House seat District 5. I also want to thank and commend the other three candidates for stepping up to serve, running outstanding campaigns, and reaching out to voters in this district in creative ways during this difficult time.

This year’s campaigns will go down in history as being some of the most challenging to implement, while also being collegial and democratic. From the decision to hold the nominating contest as a primary to the virtual events to the digital outreach, this year’s race has always been positive, upbeat, supportive, and focused on the voter first and foremost. It has been my privilege to work with all the candidates and campaigns.

I believe the 2020 5th CD primary race will be looked upon as a model for democracy as we go forward. We listened to our voters, activists, our local chairs, the district committee, and Democratic leaders, and exhibited the qualities for reasoned and committed public service that will get us over the edge in November.

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation, and Now—let’s join together to work during the next 5 months to elect Vice President Joe Biden as President, reelect Senator Mark Warner, and elect Cameron Webb to Congress!

Suzanne Long, Chair, 5th Congressional District Democratic Committee