NOTICE: Vacant Seat on 5th CD Committee

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To members of the 5th CD Democratic Committee and local Democratic Chairs in the 5th Congressional District:

Committee Member Henry Davis, representing Pittsylvania County and serving as one of the three “additional members” (i.e., not elected at the reorganization convention) has notified me of his decision to resign from the District Committee effective immediately.

I conveyed to Hank, on behalf of the committee, acknowledgment, and appreciation for his contributions over many years to the District Committee.  I thanked Hank for his dedication to leading the team that successfully produced the first CD5 Banquet in many years.

Therefore, we have a vacancy for 1 MALE to be elected to the District Committee. The male we elect will complete the term of Henry Davis, which runs through the next reorganization convention in May 2021. Per the Party Plan, Section 6.2 “Additional Members” the District committee, upon its organization and two years thereafter, shall elect one Democratic member of the General Assembly and 3 county or city representatives. A “County or city representative” shall be a resident of the of the congressional district who is (a) a county or city committee chair or vice-chair, (b) a magisterial district chair, (c) a ward chair or (d) a county or city committee member proposed by his or her county or city committee to the district committee.

Per the CD5 bylaws, Version 2010, Article IV-Vacancies, “Vacancies on the Committee shall be filled in accordance with Sect. 6.5 of the Party Plan of the Democratic Party of Virginia. as follows:  At the next regular or specially called meeting of the Committee, members of the Committee may nominate a person to fill the vacancy.  Balloting shall be conducted until one person receives a majority vote of the Committee. If there are more than two nominees and if a majority vote is not received by a nominee on the first ballot, the nominee receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped and a subsequent ballot shall be taken.  This procedure shall be continued until a nominee receives a majority of the votes cast. The person receiving the highest number of votes shall thereafter be nominated to membership on the Central Committee.  Pending confirmation by the Central Committee, such person shall become a voting member of this Committee as permitted by Sect. 6.5 of the Party Plan and shall be counted in determining a quorum.

Pursuant to State Party Plan Section 4.3:  Equal Division: The members of the Central and District Committee elected pursuant to Section 4.2 shall be equally divided between men and women. 

According to our bylaws and the Party Plan the process to fill this seat is as follows:

  • CD5 District Committee members may nominate a person to fill the vacancy. In order to give all members an opportunity to review applicants, those nominated are encouraged to complete the membership application form, found on the website.
  • The local committee chairs may nominate a person to fill the vacancy.  Those nominated are encouraged to complete the membership application form on the website.

o   The application for membership can be found at

o   As stated on the form, please provide a brief paragraph of relevant experience and why you want to join the committee.

  • Not required, but the CD member or local chair making the nomination may choose to write a brief recommendation for the candidate.
  • CD5 Chair will forward the applications of those who have been nominated to the District Committee membership by Feb. 1, 2020.
  • At the CD5 meeting on Saturday, February 8, 2020, at 1 p.m. at a location to be determined, the current members of the CD5 Democratic Committee will vote to elect one MALE member to complete the unexpired term of Henry Davis, Pittsylvania.


Suzanne Long
Chair, 5th CD Democratic Committee