Special Advisory – Phishing Scam

Published on Author VA5

Recently, one of our General Assembly candidates was targeted by a sophisticated criminal phishing scam. An email was sent to the campaign purporting to request a wire transfer and attaching what looked like real Caucus-provided instructions. We advise you to be alert, double-check any info when performing wire transfers, and be on the lookout for signs of phishing and scam in emails you receive.

Warning signs of a phishing email:

  1. Language doesn’t seem authentic, includes poor spelling or grammar. Example: “Please be making a payment.”
  2. Sender email doesn’t seem right. Example: You’re expecting an email from cm@campaignname.com, and instead it comes from cmcampaignname@gmail.com.
  3. Unexpected attachments. A file is attached to the email that you weren’t expecting and didn’t request.
  4. Mismatched links. When you hover over a link that says one target and the browser indicates a different one.

Think you’re dealing with phishing? Not sure? Let us help! Email us any time at security@vademocrats.org.

Want to stay safe? We have resources for you!

  1. VA Dems has a one-pager on security guidance. We highly recommend you circulate it to all staff and volunteers you work with. Click here to read VA Dems’ Security Guidelines, 2019 Update.
  2. Have more security questions? We’ve got you covered. Worried about something? Don’t! See it? Say it! Email us any time at security@vademocrats.org.
  3. Ready to go all-in and protect your devices and accounts to the fullest? Check out the DNC’s Device and Account Security Checklist

And if you haven’t scheduled a Security Training with one of our DigiDems embedded staff, let us know, and we’ll arrange one asap!

Thank you, and thanks for your attention to this very serious issue.

Dave Leichtman
DPVA Vice-Chair for Technology