Dittmar Declared Winner in 5th District Debate

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Attendees saw a stark contrast between Dittmar and her opponent. Additionally, attendees once again saw the strong similarities between Garrett and Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Dittmar offered her pragmatic, solutions-oriented approach to important issues to the voters of the 5th district: job creation and infrastructure—both key components of her economically driven platform. Garrett, however, responded to questions with platitudes and misdirection, rarely answering questions directly.

Garrett, as seen in previous debates, is known to respond combatively to questions he doesn’t like or negative audience reactions to his answers.

For the complete schedule of Debates/Forums, please visit http://janeforcongress.com/news/jane-dittmar-campaign-releases-debate-schedule

Dittmar Declared Winner of 5th District Debate in Appomattox – Jane for Congress

(Appomattox, VA)-At this evening’s debate, hosted by Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance (LRBA), Democrat Jane Dittmar emerged with a clear victory over her Republican opponent. The candidates answered questions based on the LRBA federal priorities. Topics included education, healthcare, infrastructure, labor, and more. Attendees saw a stark contrast between Dittmar and her opponent.