What is VoteBuilder?

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What is VoteBuilder?

VoteBuilder is an online database that contains two sections. “My Voters” which contains information about every registered voter in the state and “My Campaign” which allows political parties and candidate campaigns to track and manage their volunteers. VoteBuilder is exclusive to Democratic organizations and is used by every State Democratic Party and Democratic candidates ranging from Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign to local races. This standardization across states and campaigns has given Democrats an enormous advantage over other political parties for several reasons: existence of a large user base familiar with VoteBuilder; data is no longer kept in silos walled off, not easily accessible to others; since VoteBuilder went national in 2007 Democratic Parties and campaigns have been putting data into the system regarding voter’s candidate preferences; constituency issue data is stored which has helped create finely tuned models of political preferences and voting behaviors. Most importantly, VoteBuilder cuts down on the time a candidate committee would have to spend acquiring data allowing them to spend precious time on other campaign activities.

Why should you use VoteBuilder instead of a paper list or a locally created database?

VoteBuilder is updated monthly with data obtained from the Board of Elections which has up to date registration information on all Virginia voters, including the 461,000± voters registered in the 5th District.

VoteBuilder contains voting history information for Virginia’s General, Primary, Presidential Primary, and Municipal elections in one easy to search place.

Years of collecting Survey Responses from voter contact have helped create the “Likely Party Model” contained in VoteBuilder which classifies Virginia voters as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent. There is no other database available in Virginia that makes this classification as accurate as VoteBuilder.

VoteBuilder contains data enhancements such as additional phone numbers, address corrections, and certain consumer information that is not available from the Virginia Secretary of State or local lists.

VoteBuilder organizes your data in a secure place that can be accessed anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

VoteBuilder allows you to save the lists you create and share them with other users digitally.

How do I get VoteBuilder?

Virginia VoteBuilder is available to all Democratic Candidates and committees through the State Party (DPVA). If you are a candidate, please contact votebuilder@vademocrats.org for pricing information. If you are a local committee member, please contact your local chair.

Is training available?

Yes! The 5th District Tech Team can provide hands-on training at your location. Please contact your local chair for more information.