Garrett’s deceit eroding confidence

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR Garrett’s deceit eroding confidence   A few weeks ago, I called the office of Congressman Tom Garrett, R-5th, to express my dismay over (then-proposed; now-passed) S.J. Res. 34, which allows mega-corporations to buy and sell the Internet history of private citizens. My strong opposition to this violation of privacy was recorded, … Continue reading Garrett’s deceit eroding confidence

DPVA Rural Caucus 3rd Annual Retreat

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Rural Caucus Mission: To nurture connections between communities of people who may, or may not yet, vote Democratic in Virginia’s non-urban areas, to engage local people to determine the issues and priorities that matter to them, and to ensure sustainable rural life and progressive values throughout all of Virginia.   Please save the date for … Continue reading DPVA Rural Caucus 3rd Annual Retreat

2017 Legislative Update

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  This year’s Virginia General Assembly session has been quite active, with vigorous battles being waged over reproductive rights, free speech, immigrants’ rights, equality, the right to vote, police practices, criminal justice reform, and more. A complete report on what fights we won and lost will be included in our post-session report. For now, we … Continue reading 2017 Legislative Update

The Story of Us

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Economy and jobs, Education, Environment, Health, Justice and equality, National security. What are YOU voting for? Like Madison, too many rural communities aren’t reaping the rewards of our nation’s economic success—despite their critical role in our economy. Unemployment and poverty rates present a real challenge to these communities while accessible health care and education are … Continue reading The Story of Us

Tom Garrett Attempts To Hide His Tea Party Loyalties

Published on (434) 466-7496 CONTACT: Genevieve Cox FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   CHARLOTTESVILLE—Despite Garrett’s repeated pledges to join the congressional right-wing Republican “Freedom Caucus” if elected, and his repeated pledges to shut down the government if elected, he continues to attempt to distort and mask his true intentions. Just this week, Garrett claimed to the Lynchburg News … Continue reading Tom Garrett Attempts To Hide His Tea Party Loyalties